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2021 UNOCH Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the awardee's of our 2nd Annual UNOCH Scholarship. The scholarship is open to UNOCH members in good standing who are enrolled in courses to enhance their medical professional career.
Members are awarded monies based on their submitted applications.
$1000: Melissa De Castro, RN,  Abbie Bates, RN, and  Jennifer Ragsdale, RN
$900: Gezelle Weatherman, RRT        $800: Christine Decker-Hughes, RN
$700: Wendy Harrison, RN, James Baca Jr., RRT, and  Tahnee Klemencic, RN
$500: Samantha Grande, RN and Daphne Wiley, RN
$400: Jennifer Estrada, RRT
$300: Alissa Bartlett, RN, Marta Bodnaruk, RN, Danielle Groot, RN, Brandy Munoz, LVN
           Ivan Villalobos, RRT, and Barbra Umana, RN

Applications for the 2022 UNOCH scholarship will be posted next May. Member's are eligible to recieve up to $1000 in their lifetime.  


Technical Division Director Transition

UNOCH is sad to officially announce the retirement of Mary Bradley, Technical Division Director. Mary was not only instrumental in the founding of UNOCH, but also played a major role in organizing the Technical Unit. She has served in many roles during her time with UNOCH, but her most impactful was serving as the Technical Unit Director, starting in 2009. Over those 12 years, she has always been a fierce advocate for the membership and will definitely be missed. Mary will still be around for a little bit longer, as we train her replacement. We wish her well as she transitions to her next chapter.

UNOCH is excited to welcome Lee Woolridge Jr, RT,  into the position of Interim Technical Division Director. Lee has served as a UNOCH certified Rep for 6 years and participated in the last Technical Unit negotiations. Lee was interviewed along with two other candidates and chosen per the process laid out in UNOCH’s bylaws. The Technical Division Director position will be up for re-election, along with all of the other board positions, in November of 2023.

RN Tenative Contract Q&A with Summary

1) What are the terms of the Tentative Agreement?

The Tentative Agreement totals 37 pages.  To view a full copy of the Tentative Agreement click here:  To see copies of the agreed to MOUs click here:
The across-the-board raises tentatively agreed to are $4%; 3.5%; 4% over the next 3 years.  Standby pay will also increase to $11,  $12, and $13 each of the next three years.  This is in addition to the annual step increases which means RNs who receive yearly step increases will receive more than a 19% raise over the next 3 years, RNs who receive two step increases over the next three years receive 16.5%, RNs who receive one step increase over the next three years will receive 14%, and those on the top of the scale will receive 11.5% over 3 years.  

A summary of the tentative agreement provisions is as follows: 

Article I, Recognition, Section 101-
The parties agreed to: (1) delete eliminated classifications; (2) change the Charge Nurse (Bernardy) classification to Clinical Nurse Bernardy; and (3) add the following new classifications: Clinical Nurse II-Relief, ECMO PRIME RN, Newborn Screener Per Diem, and Outpatient Clinic Nurse 

II, UNOCH Membership, Section 208 (Nondiscrimination)- RCHSD agrees not to discriminate against employees based on Union support or membership or otherwise interfere with rights protected by NLRA. 

Article III, UNOCH Representation, Section 301
- Changes incorporated to clarify when a UNOCH representative may accompany an employee relating to fitness for duty,  drug and alcohol testing situations, and conflict resolution meetings. 

V, Discipline

    1. 505(a) (Documented Verbal Warning)- Documented verbal warnings issued for failure to meet performance will now not be used to escalate progressive discipline if there is no reoccurrence for 2 years. 
    2. Section 506 (Performance Improvement Plans)-New language to address what a PIP is used for, when it is satisfied, and how it can be challenged if discipline is ultimately issued. 
    3. Section 507 (Drug and Alcohol Testing)- New language which provides that drug testing arising out of an investigation into unexplained loss, diversion, administration, or documentation of controlled substances/medications will be limited to only the drugs or metabolites at issue.  
    4. Section 508 (Cell Phones)- LMC will make recommendations to executive leadership concerning cell phone usage and RCHSD will issue a cell phone use policy/guidelines within 1 year of ratification. 

Article VI, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure 

  1. Section 605 (Mediation)- Notice must be provided if legal counsel will be participating in mediation. 
  2. Section 606 (Arbitration)- Clarification concerning process to select arbitrator.  

Article VII, Seniority, Section 701 (Definition)-
The Parties will establish a current seniority list for all unit RNs based on departmental practices in effect prior to May 1, 2021. The application of per diem employees’ seniority clarified. 

VIII, Floating, Section 804 (Floating Procedure)-Nurses with 15 or more years seniority will not be required to float outside of their home unit provided adequate staff is available. CRRT, ECMO, and ICU overflow shifts worked outside of home unit will be credited as a float shift for purposes of internal department float tracking. 

Article XI (Wages)

  1. Section 1101. Wage Scales 
  2. Notice of newly hired or promoted nurse’s grid placement will be provided in writing and nurse has 30 days after receiving first paycheck to challenge placement via a grievance. 
  3. Promotions from CN II to CN II can now occur twice a year (January and July)
  4. Annual Salary Adjustments 
  5. Across-the-board increases: 4% July 2021; 3.5% July 2022; 4% July 2023

Section 1101 (f) Grid Placements

  1. The Lactation Consultant will be placed on N09 grid effective first full pay period following ratification. 
  2. ECMO prime shall be placed on N010 grid effective first full pay period following ratification. 
  3. Current ENT screener will be classified as a full-time care coordinator (ENT screener position will be eliminated). 

Section 1101(g) Grid Adjustments 

  1. First two steps of the Clinical Nurse Polinsky grid will be eliminated (nurses will effectively be moved up two steps). 
  2. Charge Nurse (Bernardy) will become Clinical Nurse (Bernardy) and on the same grid for Clinical Nurse (Polinsky) as adjusted.
  3. First two steps of the Outpatient Clinical Nurse grid will be eliminated (nurses will effectively be moved up two steps).

Section 1102(a
). New Grads will be paid $27.16. 

Section 1104. Standby Pay-
All standby will be paid at $11.00 effective first full pay period following ratification; $12.00 July 1, 2022, and $13.00 July 1, 2023.  

Section 1106. Shift Differential-
Bernardy Center RNs evening and night shift differentials increased to $2.75 and $4.25 

Section 1108. Float Premium
-Nurses assigned to float on a holiday will receive a $2.50 float differential. Nurses assigned to the psychiatric ED and CAPS will continue to receive the $3.50 float premium through June 30, 2022.  After that date, no premium will be paid. 

Section 1109. Charge Differential
- Nurses assigned to work as charge for a shift, the Clinical Nurse (Bernardy) will be paid the nurse differential for each hour worked in that capacity during the shift.  

Section 1110: CHET and ALS Differential
- ALS differential increased to $3.00 

Section 1111. Per Diem Differential
- Per diem nurses who are confirmed on a unit schedule when it is posted and agree not to withdraw availability will be paid a differential of $4/hour for all hours worked during the scheduled shift. 

Section 1113. Long-Term Service Bonus
-Nurses who did not qualify for LTSB in 2020 and 2021 will receive credit for hours involuntarily cancelled due to low census for purposes of qualifying for the bonus in each of those years. 

Section 1114(A). ECMO Differential
-Increased to $3.00

Section 1115. CRRT Differential
-Increased to $3.00

Section 1117. Cancellation
- Cancellation within affected category will be by seniority, rotation on the basis of hours cancelled, and skill set (implemented after an agreement upon guidelines).  Involuntarily cancelled hours will count towards qualifying for long-term service bonus. 

Section 1119. Preceptor Bonus
-Expanded to include $200 bonus for CN IIs who precept a participant for 12 or more but less than 16 shifts. 

XIII, Insurance Benefits, Section 701. Definition-
Employees can now qualify as a full-time employee for medical premium purposes if they work 70 hours or more biweekly 

XV, Paid Leave, Section 1501. Eligibility and Accrual

  1. Employees whose department is closed on a holiday that is not observed by RCHSD may utilize paid leave, or take unpaid time off, or perform work at their regular, straight time rate if approved by their department leadership.  
  2. Employees on standby on a RCHSD holiday will not be required to utilize paid leave for hours they spend on standby. 

XVIII, Retirement

  1. Section 1805. 403b Plan Contributions for New hires-Me too agreement to receive any amount greater than 1% for non-elective contribution 
  2. The parties also reached a memorandum of understanding concerning information required to negotiate increases to RCHSD’s match and non-elective retirement contributions set forth in Article XVII. 

XIX, Education

  1. Section 1901. Tuition Assistance Program-TAP increased to $2,000
  2. Section 1905.  Education Hours Bank- Education hours increased (if hours are available in the month of June)

Article XXIV, Miscellaneous

  1. Section 2406, Workplace Violence Prevention and           Response-Provides procedures RCHSD must follow concerning workplace threats of violence. 
  2. Section 2407 (Pandemic Response)- Guarantees RCSHD will meet and confer UNOCH concerning assignment of new positions created in response to a pandemic. 

The parties also reached a memorandum of understanding which guarantees that all sick call incidents incurred prior to June 27, 2021 will not be used for progressive discipline.  Finally, the parties reached a side letter to continue discussion regarding cath lab meal periods (if necessary).     

What is UNOCH’s position concerning this Tentative Agreement?   

UNOCH urges you to vote yes on the Tentative Agreement.  The across-the-board raises coupled with the increases in standby pay, not being forced to take paid leave while on call, reducing medical premiums for 70 hour employees (and all others described above) are significant increases and improvements.  The non-economic gains in the areas of floating, drug testing, promotions to CN III, and removing sick call incidents incurred prior to June 27, 2021 are also highly beneficial.  UNOCH’s goal is always to provide a contract with increases that cover the majority of the bargaining unit and this Tentative Agreement achieves that goal.  UNOCH proudly endorses the Tentative Agreement

3) Is the Tentative Agreement final?  

No.  The Tentative Agreement will only go into effect if it is ratified by the membership. 

When is the vote? 

UNOCH is working with the hospital to get rooms for voting and those will be sent out as soon as we have them. The plan is to offer 4 on campus voting blocks. They would be in both the morning and evening of 7/6 and 7/7. UNOCH is also working with the hospital to provide some voting sites off of the main campus as well. .
5) Who is eligible to vote?

UNOCH members who belong to the RN Bargaining Unit are eligible to vote. 

6) What happens if the Tentative Agreement
is passed?

If a majority of the membership votes to approve the Tentative Agreement, the raises negotiated will go into effect the first full pay period in July 2021.  The CBA and all its terms will remain in effect until June 30, 2024. 

8) What happens if the Tentative Agreement
is not passed?

If a majority of the membership does not vote in favor of the Tentative Agreement, the contemplated 4% raise will not be implemented in July 2021. The current CBA will expire but RCHSD must continue paying the same wages and benefits and continue other terms and conditions of employment under the existing CBA with the exception of the following provisions: grievance/arbitration, no-strike/economic action, and dues checkoff. 

10) How can I learn more about the Tentative Agreement?

UNOCH will hold meetings Tuesday July 6, 2021 and  Wednesday July 7, 2021 in both the morning and evening.