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New Member Information

UNOCH Membership is open to employess of Rady Children's Hospital San Diego whose jobs are covered in the Nursing or Techincal division of the collective bargaining agreements.  All eligable employees are represented by UNOCH. All such employees pay a "fair shair" fee and members pay dues. Members are able to vote in UNOCH elections and on the terms of the collective bargaining agreements of which they are a part.

Did you miss UNOCH orientation?

We would be happy to send you a UNOCH welcome packet. The packet will give you some history on our union 
as well as other current information. Call the office to request a new hire packet. Be prepared to give your name, date of hire, and unit, and we will mail you your packet.

Ready to be a member?

If you have not already submitted a membership/dues authorization form, please do so. Click the link below to download the form and mail or fax it into our office. Membership status can be changed during the month of December each year.