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Frequently Asked Questions

How Was UNOCH Formed?

Nursing Division: In the late 1990’s Children’s Hospital began a process of “reengineering” many of the inpatient and outpatient departments in an effort to cut down costs. Sick Leave benefits were cut, the number of paid holidays were cut in half, there was no recognition for seniority or longevity and employees were terminated without just cause. All of this contributed to an increasing turnover rate and staffing shortages.

Choosing to be represented by an independent organization, our nursing staff began a self funded organizing drive and earned the right to an election in October 1999. United Nurses of Children’s Hospital (UNOCH) became the organization to represent the Nursing staff of Children’s Hospital by an overwhelming 3:1 margin.

Technical Division: While the gains that the nurses made in their first contract spilled over to some extent to the non-nursing staff, this was not the case with the second contract. By 2003 the hospital was suffering significant financial troubles. In the spring of 2003, the technical division employees were faced with a possible maximum of a 3% merit increase, short staffing and no voice in the organization to ensure our concerns were heard. The employees of the Technical Division made the decision to join forces with UNOCH.

The technical division began the organizing drive with the financial assistance and support of the nurses. Hundreds of hours were volunteered to distribute flyers, process mailings and unite our members. This grassroots effort paid off in September of 2003 with a decisive victory and the formation of the Technical Division of the United Nurses of Children’s Hospital.

Although well respected by the community and our peers, every negotiation cycle takeaways had been threatened.  We sought affiliation with an international organization to help us achieve our long term goals. The affiliation between UNOCH & the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was finalized by a vote of the membership on April 26th 2016. At that time UNOCH became an independent local: Local 1699

What is a CBA?

CBA stands for Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is often refered to as "the contract". UNOCH has 2 divisions and each division has its own CBA. The CBA is traditionally negotiated every 3 years. The terms include wages, holidays, floating rules, senority. The contract also includes guidelines for representation and discipline. It protects employees from termination without cause or representation. The  CBA's are negotiated by a team of members from UNOCH and RCHSD but contracts are never valid until they are ratifed by the UNOCH membership.

How Much Are Dues?

As an independent local of the IBT, our dues rates are set at the national level. 
As of July 2019 our dues are at the national rate of 
2 x hourly rate per month
(1x hourly rate per pay period).

78% of the dues stay at our UNOCH local
22% go the the International and Joint Council.

Per UNOCH bylaws members who do not generate a pay check do not pay dues for the pay period. This means that if you are out on an extended leave, medical leave, maternity leave you will not pay or be charged dues. You will remain a “member in good standing” with our UNOCH local. Please note that the Joint Council, and the IBT both require members to pay dues continuously in order to eligible to vote or run in Joint Council and/or IBT elections. If you are going out on a leave and would like to continue stay eligible for these activities, please contact the UNOCH office. We can arrange for you to be billed, pay dues, and remain active while you are out.