Labor Management

UNOCH and the hospital meet the third Wednesday of every other month for the Labor Management Committee (LMC). In this meeting, UNOCH and the hospital discuss issues that the membership has brought to our attention.

Labor Management Committee- The last LMC meeting was April 21st, 2018 the following issues were discussed:
Labor Management Committee –  
Our last meeting was June 20th 2018
The following Issues were discussed:

Opening of new urgent care sites – Per section 807 of
the RN CBA, UNOCH and RCHSD have to sit down and discuss how floating between the current facilities and the new facilities will work. Information is being gathered from the affected RNs and LVNs, to get input on what they feel would be beneficial for all parties.
Cancellation order on small/closed units – UNOCH and RCHSD discussed how cancellation order, Section 1117 of RN CBA, is applied to different units. This discussion will continue to happen in LMC as well as the Float/Staffing Committee. Currently, the cancellation order should be followed in the same manner on all units, independent of size and floating status.
Floating from Clinics to offsite locations – A separate meeting is being arranged with leadership to discuss this issue.

LMC April 18, 2018

Department use of Enhanced Per Diem Option- UNOCH and RCHSD discussed how the different departments would utilize the Enhanced Per Diem Option for RNs as of July 1, 2018 (see section 404, page 11 of RN contract).  RCHSD shared that a majority of units will be offering the Enhanced Option for the first quarter, starting in July.  UNOCH and RCHSD will continue to have conversations about the usage of Enhanced Per Diems. UNOCH will monitor units that opted not to use the Enhanced Option. 

Using Education Hours for first day of PALS – Both UNOCH and RCHSD agreed that members can use Education Hours for their first day of PALS. Please remember to fill out the Education Hours Application that can either be found on the RCHSD intranet or . The form must be filled out and approved before you can use the hours. 

Member Feedback regarding Benefit department and Payroll – RCHSD is going to follow up with Payroll and the Benefits department regarding feedback that they are hard to contact and get information from.

Catastrophic Leave Bank – Update from RCHSD pending

LMC- February 21, 2018. The following issues were discussed:

1) George Sutherland, ECMO Coordinator, and Monica Elkins, NICU RN, presented an ECMO Prime CN3 Ladder. Previously, the ECMO Prime RNs were following the CN3 Ladders for their individual units. For example, NICU and ACU. If approved, this Ladder will allow all ECMO Prime RNs to work off of the same CN3 Criteria as each other, instead of being unit dependent.

2) RCHSD and UNOCH also discussed a summer staffing program for the ED. This would allow some interested RNs to work less over the summer than the winter. A similar program is already utilized in the RT department. The details of the program are still being discussed. UNOCH will update the membership when we know more.

3) UNOCH and RCHSD are going to meet within the next couple of months to discuss the Catastrophic leave Bank. UNOCH and RCHSD will talk about and exchange ideas on the implementation of the bank.

The Next LMC meeting will be in April 2018. If you have any issues you would like addressed at this meeting, please contact
Katie Langenstrass at

Staffing/Floating- The last staffing floating meeting was February 21, 2018. As in all meetings, we discussed the float survey result, looked at float comments, determined appropriate follow up when/if necessary and discussed the collected ADO forms for the month of February. UNOCH also brought up the RT staffing and the current staffing difficulties . UNOCH brought up the disparity between the bonus offers between the Techs and RNs. Immediately following the meeting, the RT department did begin to offer the bonus more frequently. UNOCH will be closely monitoring this situation.

If you have any staffing/float issues that you would like addressed at March’s meeting, please contact UNOCH to let us know.

Investigatory meetings with HR/Discipline – For the month of February, UNOCH’s Advocate and certified Representatives assisted with the following:
14 investigational meetings
2 informal meetings that were set up to support employees who wished to express concerns with HR and management regarding working conditions.
UNOCH also met with our Lawyer 4 times to discuss specific cases.

Meeting January 17, 2018-

The following issues were discussed:

1) Team Meetings via ZOOMUNOCH voiced to RCHSD the desire of the staff to be able to remotely access team meetings from home. UNOCH asked why ZOOM was not used by departments to make this possible. RCHSD stated that there were multiple reasons why staff cannot access ZOOM from home. Two of those reasons were the potential for HIPAA violations and Hospital liability for injury, if you hurt yourself while clocked in at home. UNOCH and RCHSD encourage staff to bring up Team Meeting attendance at unit PPC meetings to discuss ways that would make attendance easier, such as a “Meeting Day” where multiple unit meetings/Skills labs can happen on one day.

2) Catastrophic leave bank- Per the RN Contract, within a year of ratification, RCHSD must establish a catastrophic leave bank. The hospital has been actively working on this and will begin meeting with UNOCH to discuss the terms and implementation.

3) RT Staffing – UNOCH expressed concern over staffing and workloads in the RT department. RCHSD is looking to hire more travelers for the winter season to help address this issue. The hospital is in the process of revamping the acuity tool through EPIC for the RNs. Once this is complete, RCHSD is willing to look and see if it can be applied to other departments.

4) RN Feedback regarding Preceptor bonus – UNOCH shared feedback it has received about the preceptor bonus, such as RNs precepting multiple New Grads and not meeting the 16 shift requirement. UNOCH pointed out that night shift is having a hard time qualifying for the bonus, due to the fact that many New Grads spend less time orienting to nights. RCHSD was open to the discussion and tracking the concerns that were brought up.