Labor Management

UNOCH and the hospital meet the third Wednesday of every other month for the Labor Management Committee (LMC). In this meeting, UNOCH and the hospital discuss issues that the membership has brought to our attention.

In February 2016 we discussed:

How are smaller units such as Grossmont expected to take breaks on night shift with no coverage?
The hospital is going to talk with the night house supervisor at Sharp Grossmont to see if it’s possible for them to relieve the nurses for breaks. If this cannot be done, UNOCH will work closely with the hospital to reach a resolution.

UNOCH also asked for more training for the CAPS unit and the ED in regards to de-escalating and managing difficult patients.
The hospital has already started a training program for CAPS and will look into making it available for the ED. UNOCH is going to stay in touch with the training coordinator to monitor the progress.

The Cell Phone Policy UNOCH and the hospital continue to have conversations about how to make the policy more practical/reasonable for the staff.

New employee orientation. UNOCH currently gives a small 10 minute talk at the end of employee orientation.
UNOCH and the hospital discussed ways to make sure new employees stay through the UNOCH talk and have the opportunity to sign and receive important paperwork.