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June 21, 2017 Negotiation Update

During today’s session the Hospital responded to UNOCH’s economic proposal with an unacceptable counter-proposal. The parties had been making good progress to this point but today the Hospital took a sharp and surprising turn. The Hospital proposed across-the-board increases of 3%, 2.5%, and 2.5% over the next 3 years.

The Hospital also rejected our proposals to adopt the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan and the Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Plan for medical, dental, vision, retiree healthcare, and life insurance.

The Hospital continued to reject a majority of the proposed Differentials.

UNOCH will be holding membership meetings Tuesday June 27, 2017 at 8:00 am (ACP basement) and 7:45 pm (Dining Rooms A-C). Please join us for a negotiation update and more details concerning the pending proposals.

Day 12
On 6/19 UNOCH and RCHSD met today and reached one tentative agreement concerning Section 304, Paid Time for Certified Representatives. The Hospital presented counter-proposals regarding Article IV, Per Diems, Section 1901, Tuition Assistance Program, Section 1905, Education Hours Bank, Section 1501, Eligibility and Accrual, and Section 1503, Cash Out. The Hospital also presented counter-proposals regarding rest time between shifts and establishing a catastrophic leave bank.
Day 9/10
The parties continued to make progress towards reaching a successor agreement today by entering into 3 tentative agreements for the following sections: (1) Section 302. UNOCH Business; (2) Section 502. Progressive Discipline; (3) (NEW) Section 505a. Three Year Provision. The Parties now have a clear avenue to address consistency with discipline. Additionally, discipline issued relating to licensure, mandatory certifications, and TB and flu requirements, for which there has been no discipline in 3 years, will not be used as the basis for progressive discipline.

The parties also exchanged proposals regarding establishing a catastrophic leave bank and proposals relating to Articles XV (Paid Leave), XVI (Sick Leave), and XIX (Education). UNOCH also presented a counter-proposal to the Hospital relating to Section 304 (Paid Time for Certified Representatives) and Article XI (Wages).

Day 6 and 7
On 6/6/17, representatives from the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust presented to the Hospital’s committee. On 6/8/17, representatives from the Teamsters Health and Wellness plan presented to the Committee. Both of these presentations provided a useful context to UNOCH’s economic proposal presented May 31, 2017. The representatives addressed numerous questions posed by the Hospital and the Hospital’s benefits specialist concerning the the two issues. UNOCH is looking forward to the Hospital’s response in light of these explanatory discussions.
On May 24th The parties reached tentative agreements concerning the following:

- Article VII, Seniority, Section 701 (Definition), Section 703 (Lay-Offs), Section 706 (Weekends)
- Article VIII, Floating, Section 801 (Policy), Section 804 (Floating Procedure)
- New Section 1202 (Military and Military Exigency Leave), and
- New Section 2405 (Program Affiliation Agreements).

Day 4 May 23rd, the parties reached another 4 tentative agreements. The parties agreed to changes in Article XIV-Professional Liability Insurance, Section 1001 (Management Rights), and Section 2302 (Charge Shifts). Additionally, the parties agreed to meet and discuss floating procedures applicable to newly opened urgent care sites should the Hospital open sites during the term of the Agreement. The parties also exchanged proposals and had extensive dialogue on Article VII (Seniority) and Article VIII (Floating).

Day 3 On May 12th the parties continued to make progress towards reaching a successor agreement. The parties reached tentative agreements on Sections 703 (Lay-offs), 806 (Rancho Springs Self-Contained Staffing), Section 901 (Economic Action), and Section 2401 (Conference Rooms). The parties also had productive discussions regarding Article V (Discipline) and Section 1001-Management Rights.

Day 2 UNOCH and RCHSD met for day 2 of negotiations on 5/8/17. The parties continued to have productive discussions and reached numerous tentative agreements concerning UNOCH membership and representation (Sections 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 301, 307, and 308). These changes will benefit UNOCH’s administrative efficiency by increasing the information RCHSD provides to UNOCH and streamlining the process by which UNOCH provides representation to bargaining unit members during meetings and interviews with RCHSD.

Day 1 On 5/1/17 UNOCH met with RCHSD for Day 1 of negotiations for the RN bargaining unit. We are happy to report that we had a productive day. Both parties presented non-economic proposals resulting in 3 Tentative Agreements (Section 201-UNOCH Security; Section 1701-Bereavement Leave Eligibility; and Section 2601-Labor/management Committee).

UNOCH is waiting for responses on proposals regarding seniority, floating, and UNOCH membership.

UNOCH’s Team consisted of:
Katie Langenstrass- UNOCH Executive Director & 3 East
Lisa Deguzman- UNOCH RN Director & PICU
Mary Plencher- OR
Nancy Moss- OR
Terri Martin- NICU Rancho Springs
Chrissy Fox- NICU Chet
Jenn Mason- Hem/ONC
Shelly Winters- ED
Reed Corley- PICU
Jason Sewing- Medical

RCHSD’s Team consisted of:

Lora Mitchell- HR Manger
Erin Picchi- HR Partner
LesleyAnn Carlson-Associate CNO
Meredith Lurie- Director of Planning
Erin Costa- Medical/Surgical/Caps/MBU/ Director
Fred Miner- Attorney

Our next negotiating sessions are scheduled for: May 31, 2017

Track our progress-negotiation updates will be provided after each session via email. UNOCH will also provide on-site in person updates (details TBA).

It is important for RCHSD to see that we stand in Solidarity with each other and that the negotiating team has the full support of the membership. On negotiating days please wear UNOCH scrubs, jackets, lanyards, and buttons.

If you would like to purchase any UNOCH attire you can do so here: http://business.landsend.com/store/unoch

Who is UNOCH?

United Nurses of Children’s Hospital (UNOCH) is a labor organization representing the Registered Nurses and Technical employees of Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego.

UNOCH is afiliated with the United Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 1699. UNOCH negotiates collective bargaining agreements (contracts) with RCHSD and is responsible for administering those contracts.