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It is time for UNOCH Executive Board Elections!

UNOCH will be taking nominations from September 27, 2017 – October 10th, 2017. All board positions, including Executive Director, Director of the Registered Nurse Division, Director of the Technical Division, Advocate, Treasurer, Membership Services Coordinator and Recorder/Office Manager, will be up for election. Each position serves a 3 year term, which will start in January 2018.
To be eligible to run, all nominees must be an active member for a continuous period of at least 12 months and must have attended at least 50% of the General Members meetings in the past 12 months.

The vote will be held November 14th, 2017

Please contact UNOCH for an application or with any questions.


Copley Updates
Work at the Copley Center? Have questions for UNOCH? Call us at (858) 999-1204 or email us at executivedirectorunoch@gmail.com.

UNOCH would like to thank everyone who voted, and the negotiating team for all of their efforts.

On June 29th, 2017 the UNOCH Negotiating team and RCHSD reached a tentative agreement on the 2017-2020 RN Collective Bargaining Agreement._
The agreement includes across-the-board raises of 4% each over the next three years:
4% in July 2017
4% in July 2018
4% in July 2019
That is double the raises afforded over the last 5 years. Additional gains were also obtained in the following areas:
1. Increase of 50 cents per hour in weekend differential
2. Increase of 50 cents per hour charge differential
3. Double-time when called back on a holiday
4. Increase long-term service bonus to $1,500 (for 30 years and above)
5. Increase retirement bonus amount to $12,000 (for retirees age 62-65)
6. Increase in new grad pay to $26.50
7. Tuition Reimbursement program added to contract and increased to $1,750 per year.
8. Discipline relating to an expired license, certifications, TB tests or flu shots will not be used for progressive discipline after 3 years.
9. Maximum balance for Paid Leave hours increased to 360, with 2 distribution periods per year.
10. Military Spouse Leave, allows priority change of FTE while spouse on deployment and return to FTE upon return.
11. Changes to floating include closing Rancho Springs to floating, allows RN’s acquired from Mercy to not float, while new hires into Mercy will float per contract. Float zones were created and RN’s must choose at least 1 area from their float zone and then may choose to pick 1 from outside their zone. The zones will be ICU and Acute
12. Seniority for RN’s that come to RCHSD through acquired units.
13. Bilingual Differential- shall apply to bargaining unit members as per RCHSD policy
14.Preceptor Bonus for CNII RN’s that precept a New Grad RN Resident for 16 or more clinical shifts will receive $300 when the participant completes the program.
15. Creation of Catastrophic Leave Bank within 1 year of ratification of contract.
16. Language that will allow night shift to attend non-mandatory meetings without going into overtime.
17. Language that protects New Grads from being taken off of orientation early without being moved to the CN1 wage grid
18. Scheduling investigation meetings will now be arranged around the employee’s needs/availability as opposed to HR’s schedule.
19. Language to dictate how RNs are moved back into reopened units that were previously closed or downsized.
20. Language that allows UNOCH and RCHSD to meet and confer about floating procedures in new Urgent Care sites

Other changes:
Per Diem classification changes: New language changes from option A/B/C to a two option plan “Minimum and Enhanced” based on number of shifts given. Per Diems currently on B & C plan will be grandfathered into the B/C program through July of 2018.

Clarification in CNIII section stating that CNII criteria must be posted in unit and reviewed with LMC every 6 months. The reference to points/hours was removed to reflect the practice in all units.

An Education Hours Cap of $325,000/year was placed on the RN education hour bank. This cap will roll over for a total of $975,000 over the 3 year contract. Since obtaining education hours in the contract, the RN Unit has not met or exceeded 325,000/year.

Under Article 1 Recognition- the Data Coordinators have been removed from the bargaining unit, the majority of those members had already been incorporated into Quality Management.
Under Article 2 UNOCH membership- allows members to change dues authorization and membership status in December each year, and allows for UNOCH to receive timely information pertinent to enforcement of the contract.
Under Article 3- HR meetings with members will be made around the members and the representatives schedule. New hires will be paid during the UNOCH presentation at orientation.

The Teamsters healthcare and pension plans proposed by UNOCH were not agreed upon. However, over the course of the contract, the Teamster healthcare plan will be presented to the Hospital when it is selecting health plans for the membership each year.
UNOCH is extremely satisfied with this result and strongly recommends the membership vote in favor of this contract.

Click to review Full Text of 2017 CBA

UNOCH’s Team consisted of:
Katie Langenstrass- UNOCH Executive Director & 3 East
Lisa Deguzman- UNOCH RN Director & PICU
Mary Plencher- OR
Nancy Moss- OR
Terri Martin- NICU Rancho Springs
Chrissy Fox- NICU Chet
Jenn Mason- Hem/ONC
Shelly Winters- ED
Reed Corley- PICU
Jason Sewing- Medical

RCHSD’s Team consisted of:

Lora Mitchell- HR Manger
Erin Picchi- HR Partner
LesleyAnn Carlson-Associate CNO
Meredith Lurie- Director of Planning
Erin Costa- Medical/Surgical/Caps/MBU/ Director
Fred Miner- Attorney

If you would like to purchase any UNOCH attire you can do so here: http://business.landsend.com/store/unoch

Who is UNOCH?

United Nurses of Children’s Hospital (UNOCH) is a labor organization representing the Registered Nurses and Technical employees of Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego.

UNOCH is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 1699. UNOCH negotiates collective bargaining agreements (contracts) with RCHSD and is responsible for administering those contracts.