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RN 2014 - 2017 UNOCH/RCHSD CBA has been ratified by the UNOCH RN membership.

Our electronic voting was a success.
543 members voted- that’s 45% Our largest percentages ever!

Here are the official numbers:
Total number of votes: 543
“Yes” votes: 359 (66.11%)
“No” votes: 184 (33.89%)

A total of 50%+1 vote of the members who voted is needed to ratify the contract. 359 votes = 66% therefore the contract is ratified.

UNOCH thanks all of our members for your support, involvement, and commitment to a better Rady Children’s Hospital.

RN Negotiations… Changes Summary
For a full copy of the proposed changes, go to the “members resources” tab, then click on “Newsletters” Hit the blue box to download the most recent newsletter, it contains the complete contract version of proposed changes.
Here is a brief synopsis of the agreement- the detailed summary was mailed to all RN’s on Thursday July 3rd.

1. NO Takeaways- you can thank your negotiating team for that that means that the health care cost proportions will not change, the Standby/ Call back, Overtime and existing Per Diem language will not change.
2. Across the board increases- 2%/ 2%/ 2% = 6% over three years (remember the top of the grid moves up too).
3. Section 1113 A and B- ECMO Prime differential of $2.5/ hr for all hours worked as ECMO Prime nurse
And an “all team”page bonus of $250.00 if you are off and respond to the page and come in to work
CRRT- Same language as ECMO with the “all team” bonus as well
4. Retirement- New Section 1806 A. Changes to Defined Benefit and 403b for employees hired after JULY 1, 2014 (NOT YOU!!) B. Retirement Bonus- $9,000 retirement bonus to employees with 30 years of service who are between the ages of 62-65 (a bridge to medicare accommodation)
5. Per Diem- We were able to retain the CURRENT Per Diem language that we have in the contract now (min. requirement = 2 shifts/pp and you can still cancel yourself 72 hrs before your shift) now listed as “Option A.” Two additional options added with a higher commitment and a $8.00/ hr diff.
6. Ratification Bonus- Still in place- You have the option of having RCHSD deposit the bonus into your Fidelity account. Bonus checks can be taxed very high- think seriously about that.
7. RN New Grads Residency RN’s to be paid $25.00/hr during the 18 week program ONLY, then advanced to the grid rate. New grads will receive benefits during their residency.
8. Staffing Committee- New Section UNOCH and RCHSD will form a joint committee (much like the Floating Committee) to look at staffing ratios, whats ok, and whats not ok.
9. Floating- Rancho Springs Satellite became self-sufficient today!
The beginning of a 6 month trial that may be passed on to the other satellites.
10. The 24 Hour Clock- The day will start at 0700- that means if you work night shift you can stay over for a 0730 meeting. You clock out at 0730, clock back in at 0730 for your meeting and not incur OT. No more sleeping in cars!! Night shift nurses told UNOCH that they would rather be able to attend a meeting and then go home. If you are working a night shift and your work takes you past 0730- you will still be paid OT because it is still part of your shift.

Thank you to all of our RN’s for your encouragement and support. This contract would not have been possible without you.

Update June 30, 2014 9:00pm
Today UNOCH and RCHSD signed an agreement to extend the current RN contract as long as both sides are negotiating productively. That means that the proposals have to show movement. No change in shifts for now!
We are meeting with the hospital to continue negotiations tomorrow.

Here’s where we are now:
Across the board increases- UNOCH feels that although our salaries have improved since we unionized, when you factor in our benefits (or lack of) we still are behind our closest competitors UCSD and Kaiser. 2% just won’t cut it.

Take away language regarding Standby/Call Back and Overtime- UNOCH is standing firm that we will not agree to changing the current contract language.

Retirement Health Care for retirees- We are still working on this. We have had a dialog and several proposals- there may be hope! (Don’t even ask us to compare this to either UCSD or Kaiser).

Per Diem- We have been able to retain the current contract language, same minimum commitment, and ability to self cancel – now referred to as “Option A” plus two fifty
options that pay at a higher rate with a higher commitment.

RN New Grad pay- We are having a serious dialog about pay for new grad RNs during the 18 week residency program. No conclusions yet.

Health Care Costs- RCHSD has proposed a change in the proportion of health care costs that they will pay. The current system is admittedly very confusing, but the changes they are proposing will be detrimental to some. UNOCH has not agreed to the changes.

Strike Vote Suspended for now. June 27th 5:30 pm

Late this afternoon an agreement was reached to extend the terms of the current RN contract while UNOCH and RCHSD continue to negotiate. In good faith for a productive session, UNOCH has agreed to suspend the Strike Vote for now.
This means we will not go to 8 hour shifts on Sunday.
We have not accepted the terms of the proposed, “last, best, and final” contract offer. We have agreed to extend our current contract and to return to the negotiations table on Monday.

Responce Letter to Meg Norton, June 27th early am

Thank you for finally paying attention to the impending nursing strike. I, too am saddened. But what I am saddened by is the way that contract negotiations have gone over the last 6 years.

UNOCH absolutely does not want to strike. We have been pushed to the brink by RCHSD’s corrupt, out-of-contol HR department. While financially you may think the offer presented to UNOCH is a fair one, we wonder what exactly is fair about destroying the Per Diem program, the OR call system, nurse to patient ratios, and the abysmal lack of health care for our nurses who have invested most of their years to the care of children from San Diego and beyond.

Meg, this is not just about salaries. This is about threats, disrespect, lies, and out and out disregard for the backbone of this organization, the nursing staff.
What has happened to Children’s? I have worked at Children’s for 32 years and I have never been treated as poorly and with as much disgust I as see radiating from HR.
UNOCH wants a contract. We have been maturing our contract over the last 15 years. We would like to add to- not take away from the articles that we have worked so hard for.
I would truely be interested in meeting with you to help resolve this barrier between UNOCH and RCHSD.
We used to have a common goal- the health and welfare of our children. It doesn’t feel like that any more.
Please contact me if you would like to meet.
Thank you,
Nicole Kennelly, Executive Director, UNOCH

Negotiations Update June 26th
We are aware that RCHSD has asked you to vote. At this time we are test voting only.

0ffering a ratification bonus is an attempt to buy your vote!

The two items to vote on are:
1. Will you accept RCHSD’s last, best, and final offer? and, if not…

2. Will you authorize a 2 day STRIKE ? to convince RCHSD that we are serious and want them to not only return to the negotiating table- but to actually negotiate.

June 25th
Based on the input UNOCH received at last night’s meeting we presented RCHSD with several counter proposals regarding Per Diem, Wages, Retirement, Education, Overtime, Standby, and Health Insurance.
After a three hour break RCHSD gave us their Last, best, and final offer (again). They are refusing to negotiate any of the articles and insist that 2% is an equitable increase.

This is what RCHSD is proposing:
-2% across the board a year for three years (total 6%)
-Retiree Health Care: Instead of offering health care RCHSD is offering a retirement bonus of $5,000 when you have 30 years of service and are between the ages of 62 and 65. That’s $138.88/ a month to buy insurance.
-Take away the Defined Benefit for any new hires (after July 1, 2014)
-Take away the 32 hour Standby and call-back pay clause that raises the standby pay to the controlled rate ($11.00/hr)
-Take away the restriction on mandatory overtime by forcing overtime through involuntary call.
-Take away per diem ability to self cancel
-Take away per diem $5.00/ hr rate for working over the minimum
-RCHSD refuses to agree in the CBA to pay for certifications
-RCHSD wants to pay New Grad RNs $20.00/ hr during orientation instead of the $36.00/hr that is on the wage grid.
-Health Care: RCHSD wants to change the proportion that they pay for health care every year.
-RCHSD is unwilling to discuss patient ratios and safe staffing because no sentinel event has occurred due to staffing (so they say), despite falling patient and family satisfaction survey scores and abysmal employee engagement scores.
-RCHSD refuses to consider or even discuss our mileage proposal for those who float to satellites.

Who is UNOCH?

United Nurses of Children’s Hospital (UNOCH) is an independent labor organization representing the Registered Nurses and Technical employees of Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego (RCHSD). UNOCH negotiates collective bargaining agreements (contracts) with RCHSD and is responsible for administering those contracts.